Bridging the gap between hospitals and life on the streets.


Women's Medical Respite: A Soft Place to Land


Women's Medical Respite is working 24/7 to help homeless women from the Ozarks who are too ill to be on the streets.  

why we're here

Just imagine getting so sick that you have to go to the hospital and have surgery.  Now imagine that you’re beginning to feel human again and the doctor says that you can go home. 

The only problem is… you don’t have a home.

A local shelter would give you a safe place to sleep, but will require you to leave every morning at 7. How will you keep your wound clean?  Where will you lie down during the day when you need to rest? How will you follow through with medications and make it to follow-up appointments? How can you find nutritious food? How will the summer’s heat or the winter’s cold affect your recovery?



A safe, clean 24-hour environment at no cost

Nutritious food

Transportation to medical appointments

Assistance with medications

Utilization of prescribed home health services

Referrals for housing and primary care

Case management

Around-the-clock access to someone who cares



(417) 225-7409

referral Hours

7 days a week

Volunteer Opportunities

(417) 861-1705

Presentations & Public Speaking Requests

(417) 225-7409



With grateful acknowledgement for the generous support of our donors:

  • EFWHA Charitable Fund
  • Virginia L. Jones for Buddy D. Ball
  • H. Cruse Trust


Patient Referrals


  • Homeless female with no immediate safe housing

  • Acute medical illness which requires short term support

  • Psychiatrically and medically stable

  • Independent with activities of daily living

  • Ambulatory with or without an assistive device

  • Clean and sober



Hospital social workers, case managers and One Door personnel may refer women between the hours of 10am-4pm Monday-Sunday by calling (417) 225-7409. . 

Please leave a message if we don’t answer right away, and we’ll give you a call back very shortly. 


Contact Women's Medical Respite

Referrals (417) 225-7409

Volunteer Opportunities (417) 861-1705

Presentations and public speaking requests: (417) 225-7409


Contribute to Women's Medical Respite

Please send tax-deductible contributions made payable to "Women's Medical Respite" to:

Women's Medical Respite

P.O. Box 385

Springfield, MO 65801


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Board of Directors

Carol Daniel

Tonya Price

Teresa Gammon

Susan Shakley

Elisa Coonrod

Sheryl Edwards

Patrick Conner

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Beverly Anderson